Ice Cream


What kind of dairy do you use?

We use only the highest quality, grass fed, organic milk and cream from the happy cows at Pure Eire Dairy.

What makes your ice cream special?

Because our dairy is not over processed and we're sourcing locally or making our mix-ins by hand, our ice creams taste more 'real' than most. People often comment that our flavors taste homemade and remind them of ice cream they had when they were young. We pick the most delicious ingredients from farmers who prioritize organic and sustainable practices—and believe that the freshness of local ingredients just makes our ice creams taste better!

How long do pints last?

Because we don't use loads of unrecognizable stabilizers, Annie's Ice Cream is more perishable than commercial brands, and will keep longer (a couple months) if air is kept off the surface of the ice cream with a little parchment or saran wrap.  

Does your ice cream contain eggs?

We make our ice cream in the Philadelphia Style, so do not use eggs in our base. Eggs may be present from time to time in our mix-ins, though, so if you have an allergy, please ask before ordering. We also cannot guarantee against nut or soy allergens, as our ice cream is produced in a common facility.


Local sources

Achille Farms
Carver Farms
Chatteroy Cheese Co.

Fleur de Provence
Footehill Farms
Joseph's Grainery
Linc Foods (distributor)
Little Red Canoe Farm
Orlisson Brewing
Pure Eire Dairy
Tonnemaker's Fruit
Townshend Winery
Vessel Coffee Roasters

Walter's Fruit Ranch
...and more!

A friendly hello from Spokane Family Farms!

Sweet Annie's in the News


Hi, I'm Annie!


I believe in the ability of food to transport us, inspire us, and produce joy from the inside out. 

Before moving back home to the Northwest, I lived in New York for almost a decade. It was there that I really learned to eat. The city was being flooded with amazing foods from the surrounding agricultural areas, with markets open year round and new restaurants opening daily to support a growing demand for all things seasonal, local, and made with care. Any spare money I had (which wasn't much) was spent touring around the city, seeking out new culinary experiences.

And most Saturday mornings were spent at the Union Square Farmers Market, bumping into strange new vegetables which I'd wrestle home to cook in my 250 square foot apartment.

For a year, I dedicated myself to eating seasonally and locally. Then, for the first time ever, I understood what it meant to eat with the seasons. I discovered that when your diet follows nature, you feel more connected to your food, and to the people who grow your food, and you learn to appreciate the delicious difference between what is grown with care, and what is grown at mass scale.

Now that I am home, I am thrilled to bring this passion to a community I truly feel invested in. Ice cream is a joyful food, and spreading the joy of food is my passion. We started Annie's Artisan Ice Creams to have a delicious adventure, and I sincerely hope you'll join us!